Key Stage 1

Year 1 and 2 (Infant)


Children entering Years 1 and 2 are coming from the Foundation Stage where they are taught mostly through play-based activities and child-initiated learning.  While in Key Stage 1 they will grow both socially and academically, learning how to better interact with their peers and gaining more and more knowledge about the subjects they are taught. The teachers in Year 1 and Year 2 follow the English National Curriculum which can be found here: 

Children in Year 1 and Year 2 are taught the following subjects:



Year 1

In English we begin by reviewing the letters. We start with the phonics of each letter and an introduction into cursive writing.  This grows into learning the different digraphs and practicing tricky words.  As the children continue to grow with letter sounds and digraphs you will begin to see them sounding out words from books and even reading books to you as a parent.




For Maths we start with recognizing numbers and writing them to 20.  This moves into counting objects and then adding and subtracting objects.  We also cover patterns, shapes (2D and 3D), doubling, halving, measurement, and time.  All of these areas give your child a basic understanding in Maths to prepare them for the following years.



With Science we cover everything from plants and animals to the weather and the different seasons.  Your child will learn about these topics each year and gain more knowledge about specific parts as they progress.  For example, in Year 1 we learn only five parts of a plant but in Year 2 they learn more parts and then in Year 3 they focus on the flower and its different parts.  So their understanding is built upon each year.



Year 1 also has Music, Art, PE, ICT, PHSCE, and Topic.  All of these classes cover different areas and are often taught by other teachers with an expertise in each subject.  The Topic class is covered by the Year 1 class teacher and in this class we discuss the history and geography of the UAE and the world.  Another class that is covered by the Year 1 class teacher is PHSCE and this is where we focus on rules, feelings, family, sharing, friends and other various topics.



Year 2


In English in Year 2 start with the revising the phase 3 phonics of each letter and we continue with practicing their cursive handwriting. We start learning about the structure of story, poetry work, instructional writing and comprehension work. We start looking at stories in more detail by looking at the setting, characters and sequencing a story.




In Maths we begin with revising the number bonds to 10 and to 20 as we feel this gives the children a solid base for learning in Maths. We also cover patterns, shapes (2D and 3D), doubling, halving, estimating, measurement, and time but we cover it in more detail than in Year 1.



Like year 1  we cover everything from plants and animals to the weather and the different seasons.  We will be building on what they have learnt in year 1. Later on in the year we will be carrying out simple investigations. We will be predicting and analyzing the results of these investigations.


We also teach Music, Art, PE, ICT, PHSCE, French and Topic in Year 2. The class teacher teaches Topic and Art.




ICS Branch 1 facilities include a gym, two computer labs, a science lab, outdoor playing fields, playgrounds, a prayer room, one music rooms, and a library.

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