Homework Policy


a) In order to complete the curricula and enhance independent learning, facilitators will set regular homework in all grades.
b) Staff members will always consult the class ‘white book’ before setting homework to prevent students from being overloaded with homework on a given day. The following homework timings are for guidance only.

At the Primary level:

a. At the Elementary level: Grade KG – Occasionally.
b. Grade 1 – Fifteen minutes each night.
c. Grade 2 – Twenty minutes each night.
d. Grade 3 – Thirty minutes each night.
e. Grade 4 – Forty minutes each night.
f. Grade 5 – Forty-five minutes each night

At the Middle level:
g. Grade 6 – One hour each night.
h. Grade 7 – One and one-half hours each night.
i. Grade 8 – Two hours each night.

At the Secondary level:

j. Grade 9 -10 – two/three hours.
k. Grade 11-12 – three hours.


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