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Grades 1-12

Grades 1-12


The program is designed to provide students with a broad, but solid educational foundation. In this program Arabic and Islamic Studies are taught according to the Curriculum of the Ministry of Education. All other subjects – English, Mathematics, Computer Studies, Sciences, Life Skills, Sociology, French, and Art & Design – are taught in English up to Grade 12.
Our High School students graduate after a satisfactory completion of a course of study prescribed by International Community School and endorsed by our American accreditation partners, AdvancED. In addition, the student is required to pass IBT TOEFL with a minimum score of 61 and SAT1 Mathematics and English with a minimum score of 400. Students should also sit for the common exam for Arabic & Islamic Studies for [Arabs & Non Arabs] held by the Ministry of Education at the end of Grade 12. This is a prerequisite to equalize their High School Diploma with the UAE official Secondary Certificate

The school is licensed as an American curriculum school, with a four-year concession to continue with a British curriculum which has been offered at the school for many years. According to a recent ADEC (Abu Dhabi Educational Council) report, results in English and mathematics in IGCSE, AS and A2 examinations are very high and exceptionally high in science. The proportion of students gaining the top grades “far exceeds international averages. Students following the American program exceed UAE norms by a wide margin and are broadly average compared with international benchmarks”.
In Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies, standards are also above average, reflecting good teaching in those subjects. Subjects offered through the school include English, English Social Studies, Arabic, Arabic Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), Mathematics, French, Computing, Business Studies, Accounting, Sociology, Art, Music, and Physical Education. “IGCSE, AS and A2 courses and the American program offer sufficient breadth and diversity in the upper grades. In addition, life skills, music, physical education, accounting, art, French and sociology add further variety