ICS aims to provide a safe, high quality, and efficient bus service that meets the needs of all ICS students by delivering quality of service to and from school. 


ICS School buses are compliant as per ADEK and DMAT guidelines and regulations, including the length of time students are riding buses. The assignment of Bus/Transportation (Bus #) will be determined by the route that corresponds with the student’s home. 


All school buses will be checked and maintained as per ADEK and DMAT safety standards. Drivers and Bus Escorts are qualified, licensed from DMAT, experienced, and work under the supervision of the ICS Transportation Coordinator. 


This policy establishes rules that students must follow when riding the school bus at International Community Schools. 

While on the bus, students will:  

  • For the morning pick-up, be ready and prepared for the bus at the time specified.  

  • Sit in the place allocated by the bus conductor.  

  • Always buckle your seatbelt.  

  • Always abide by all school rules and keep the bus clean. No eating or drinking on the bus.  

  • Always keep your head and hands inside the bus.  

  • Do not use improper language on the bus. 

  • Be polite at all times.  

  • Do not speak to the driver. 

  • If you need assistance ask the bus escort.  

  • A parent or guardian should meet the child FS to Yr5 / KG1 to Grade 4 at the bus in front of your home.  

  • Students must wear their full uniform at all times.  

  • Leave class promptly for the bus directly after school unless you have an activity.


Students must obey the following rules at all times:  

  • Students must stay seated at all times while the bus is moving.  

  • Students will have a bus ID card. They must use this card at all times.  

  • Students riding the school bus will follow the Code of Student Conduct at all times.  See the code of Conduct here.

  • Students will board the bus with their bus escort.  Students will respect the bus driver and the bus escort. 


Students are to behave responsibly and safely at all times. Students who encourage incorrect behavior of others will find themselves under disciplinary action based on the school code of conduct. 

  • No bad language, teasing or bullying

  • No pushing, hitting, spitting or obstructions

  • No interference with bus or other students property

  • No littering

  • No food should be consumed on the bus

  • No tampering with safety equipment or emergency exits


For further information, please see our full School Transport Policy

Our bus drivers and escorts are a valued part of our ICS team.   Please also see our Parents Code of Conduct here



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