The teaching of Arabic subjects is based on the guidance and materials prescribed by the Ministry of Education, and as per ADEK policy. It keeps local and other native Arabic speaking and Muslim children familiar with their national identity and religion. In addition, our international students gain an understanding of the UAE’s heritage which helps enhance mutual understanding, peaceful co-existence and cross-cultural harmony and tolerance, and keep the UAE National Identity as a clear focus.

All schools are required to teach:

  • Islamic Education – From Year 2/Grade 1 to the end of Year 11/ Grade 10 for all Muslim students. It is an optional subject for non-Muslim students.
  • Arabic Language – is compulsory from Year 2/Grade 1 to the end of Year 11/ Grade 10 for all native Arabic speakers. For non-native speakers it is compulsory from Year 2/Grade 1, to the end of Year 11/ Grade 10 and is optional thereafter. The Arabic language must be taken in Year 12/Grade 11 and Year 13/Grade 12 to meet the equivalency requirements of the UAE’s general secondary education certificate (Al Thanawiya).
  • Social Studies – a compulsory subject from Year 2/Grade 1 to Year 10/ Grade 9 for all students.

The Ministry of Education has been working hard to develop curriculum learning standards and national assessment to emulate best global practices.

The Ministry also supports the country's strategy to promote a culture of creativity and innovation through providing students with twenty-first century skills to keep pace with global developments, the promotion of education and leading it to new horizons.

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